Who I am, IS, one of you!

Who I am, IS, one of you!
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As a busy mum of two, my beauty regime couldn’t be further from that of a beauty blogger. So when Hannah-Curlita, founder & CEO of Winnie Beau London reached out to me, I wasn’t sure what I could really bring to the ever evolving beauty trends table?

But who I am, is, one of you.

I’m a woman, mother, sister, friend, employee, gym-goer, party planner, birthday rememberer, meal preparer. Spinning plates on every limb - it’s who we are! So I suspect that my life is actually relatable to, everyone.

Hannah knew straight away that I’d be a great test for her Winnie Beau products and over the passed few months I’ve found them to be my most relied upon makeup products, that can be apply in rocket speed and still make me feel incredible!

So take a read of my top tips for shaking off the winter blues, that I can’t wait to share with you!

It’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced a little of the winter blues at one time or another. We crave more food, more sleep and a desperate urge to sit by a fire wearing pjs, slippers and eat the entire contents of a packet of biscuits. It’s borderline hibernation. And it’s all fun and games until you reach the week of your christmas outing and you realise you’ve already added a substantial amount of timber to your middle and can no longer wear the dress that you were planning on recycling for this year.

But what can we do to stay warm inside without actually shutting ourselves away?

Start with these 5 unusual tasks that will bring you unexpected joy this festive season:

1. Scrub the fridge - yes you read right. Tis the season to stock up with more food than you can possibly bear to look at, so make sure that treasure chest is gleaming. You’ll want to enjoy having guests over without dreading what’s growing at the bottom of it.

2. Clear. It. Out. - nothing better to boost your ‘get up and go’ than a ruthless clear out. Does it bring you joy? If that’s a no, you guessed it, it’s not worth your time (aka wardrobe space). We’re talking valuable capsule wardrobe room here. Get rid and start multi-purposing those much loved staples.

3. Wake up and smell the.. discount - Haul that pile of unwanted has-beens down to H&M, grab your voucher for the pleasure (£5 per bag!) and start feeling that serotonin seeping in! The key to the feeling of all feelings is fresh air, a little exercise, an organised wardrobe and a bloody good bargain. Pick up yourself something for your hard work (try to look for investment items if you can). Think minimal yet sophisticated.
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4. Indulge in YOUR self care - tell whoever needs to listen that you need an hour alone, in fact it’s an emergency! If you don’t have time to spend on you, how can you possibly give everyone else 100%? It’s just basic maths. So lock that door, grab yourself a hot bath, add a conditioning treatment to your locks and then soak your life stresses away. Then moisturise your body head to toe with the good stuff, the one you’ve be saving (stop waiting for a special occasion you deserve it now).

5. Time to shine - Ain’t no one got time for make up malfunctions and breakouts so here’s where those beautiful Winnie Beau products come in. If you’ve been harbouring that same lipstick for more years than you’d like to say, you need to cut ties, now! In fact it’s probably time to evict the lot. Did you know that old makeup can be the cause of lots of different illnesses? Head to Winnie Beau to kit yourself out with the only products that are worth any space in your life. Starting with the long lasting lipstick. You only need to apply it once, hallelujah! and it’s infused with vitamin E, so you’ll look great on the outside whilst you’re caring for those luscious lips at the same time. The colours are insane and inspired by all different skin tones so you’ll definitely find the perfect shade to suit you. Next up is the Brow Builder Pencil, the brow pencil to replace all brow pencils. No more sharpening, stressing out at smudges or clumping across your brows. This one has a flat edge which is ideal for adding natural looking hair strokes to thinner brows creating a fuller brow look. Also, again, the words you need to hear, its long lasting! So no need to reapply. Finally - the secret weapon you never knew you needed in your collection, the skin blender. £6 well spent - whether you want to finish off your brows with a sharp edge or apply concealer to your mum-bags this beauty tool is a must! Get into the habit of using it daily - your make up will look so flawlessly blended no one will have any idea how fast you applied it!

So now you’re ready to face the winter, and bring in the festive season glowing from the inside out.. even if you only venture as far as the sofa!

Gem x

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