Winnie in the Corporate world!

Winnie in the Corporate world!
Hi darlings,
It's Hannah here, happy new year to you all! I'm going to keep this short and sweet, this month we're featuring Zoe in the "Over to You" series.
If you're new here, the Over to You series is what it says on the tin. Its a space where you guys tell your story or give your views on anything product or beauty industry related from your perspective, with your views! It's important to me to tap into and view things from as many perspectives as possible so we can all relate.
I won't waffle on any longer, Zoe can introduce herself, so, Zoe, Over to you...


I have always been a strong supporter of Winnie Beau products. It all started off as simply supporting my friend’s business in its early stages. I had high hopes for Hannah, but nothing exceeded my expectations quite like the products she developed for Winnie.


Currently a Head of HR and Global Projects Lead for a multi-national manufacturing Company, I am subject to long meetings both in person and via video link, so I need professional make up that lasts as I simply do not get the opportunity to re-apply throughout the day.


Let’s start with the lipsticks. My God the lipsticks. All colours suit all skin tones and I own and use every single shade to match whichever colour blouse/dress I select for the day. They glide on with the perfect precision thanks to the applicator (if you’re in a rush, you don’t even need to use a liner!) and dry with a soft and nourishing matte finish. Enriched with Vitamin E, I don’t need to reach for the Carmex anymore! The shade which suits my complexion the best is ‘Darling’, but other days I go all out with ‘Lola’, if I’m feeling myself that day!


One other thing which is very important to me is that this lipstick does not budge. It doesn’t smear on your teeth so there is no awkward teeth-licking in meetings with other senior executives (I was constantly living in fear that a rogue red stripe had made its way to my two top teeth!) but also it does not transfer onto cups or glasses when drinking that ever-needed morning coffee or when keeping hydrated throughout the day. It is merely my personal opinion, but it was instilled into me early on in my career that lipstick smudges on glasses or cups was unprofessional and I have felt embarrassed about this ever since, particularly in important meetings. Oh, and they don’t rub onto masks either, which is (annoyingly) a thing now, but worth mentioning for when you are wearing masks on and off for work and still want to look your best! 


I have had my eyebrows microbladed which look great when I have no make up on but I still feel the need to ‘colour them in’, as it were, when I put a full face of make up on. A long-standing member of the brow gel crew, it took me a while to come round to the idea that a more natural look using a pencil would suit me better (particularly as I get older!). Alas, I am now a convert, and with the two eyebrow products on offer from Winnie Beau, you can choose the product that suits your look. If I am keeping the make up natural for work, I will use the Eyebrow Definer Pencil for fine strokes, but for a fuller look I use the Brow Builder Pencil, as this is slightly thicker on one side so gives a fuller look.


Winnie, darling, thank you for getting me through many long days without having to fit in a lipstick top up. For the all-day-into-night meetings, for the international flights with a mask on and meeting colleagues at the airport, I am eternally grateful that I always look my best.


Forever your biggest fan,





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