IPSY Brow Lamination 'How To' with Winnie Beau London

IPSY.com x Winnie Beau Brow Lamination
Hey loves!
How are you? As you know eyebrow lamination is one of the new treatments thats currently trending in the beauty industry right now. Our founder Hannah-Curlita is a Brow expert and has recently worked with IPSY.com to bring you a 'How To' on achieving brow lamination at home using our brow pencil.
A note from Hannah-Curlita...
A couple of weeks back I was asked by ipsy.com. Yes I know - actually IPSY, I had a fan girl moment at this as i'm sure you can all imagine!!! If you any of you don't know who IPSY are let me just tell you. They're a monthly subscription service which provides subscribers (nearly 4 MILLION of them!) with a makeup bag of five cosmetics products. Basically they're the American version of glossy box but on a much bigger scale.
One of the Beauty Editors Brittany, asked me to speak with her to help educate the subscribers on achieving the brow lamination look at home - and obviously i'm going to let you guys all in on it too.
The instructions are broken down into 4 easy steps. You can see the full how to via IPSY's website on the link below.
Products you'll need:
- Toner
- Cotton Pads
- Water
- A Brow Pencil - You can get 10% off the Winnie Beau Brow Pencil used in the demo with code ipsy10 on the Winnie Beau London Website 
- A spoolie brush (there is one included with your Winnie Beau brow pencil so don't worry)
- Brow wax or a bar of soap (I suggest dove sensitive if you use soap)
As always let me know what you think, and i'll speak to you all soon!
Lots of love and glamour,
Han xx
If anyone needs more help, please feel free to email me direct via hello@winniebeau.com

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